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Modified PPO

Through modification, PPO material has the characteristics of heat resistance, strength, flame retardant and conductivity. It is widely used in automobile, electronic appliances, household appliances and other fields, especially in water related fields. It is mainly used for water valve accessories, water pump, impeller, kettle cover and so on.

[PPO material scheme for jucylon kettle cover]

Material brand: PPO JB110+

Material certification:

1. Meet ROHS certification and reach requirements

2. Meet lfgb food hygiene requirements

Material properties:

1. Heat resistant

2. Stress cracking resistance

3. Good dimensional stability

4. Environmental protection and low migration

[PPO material scheme for jucylon water pump]

Material brand: PPO + 20% GF, PPO5020 series

Material certification: meet ROHS certification and SGS requirements

Material characteristics: hydrolysis resistance, dimensional stability, high rigidity, wear resistance and fatigue resistance

Product application: pump shell, shell, overflow parts, etc