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Automotive industry
Exterior materials

①Metal texture free spraying material

②High-gloss spray-free materials

③Thin-walled, high-rigidity, lightweight material

④Low linear expansion coefficient material

⑤Shock absorption and high impact engineering materials

⑥Imitation fabric material

​Interior materials

①Low odor and low VOC materials 

②Material with no gloss and spray

③Antibacterial material 

④Micro-foaming material 

⑤Special materials for good-touch and low-gloss interior decoration 

⑥Low noise engineering materials

Engine peripheral materials

①Low specific gravity and lightweight materials

②Long glass fiber material

③Reinforced material with high heat resistance and low warpage

④Dimensionally stable, low warpage reinforcement material

⑤Reinforced materials resistant to hydrolysis, alcoholysis, chemicals, and oil

⑥High-strength and high-modulus, reinforced materials with plastic instead of steel

⑦High temperature resistant, long-term thermal stability reinforced material

Lamp material

①High heat-resistant PP composite material 

② Spray-free PBT material

③High heat-resistant PC/ABS material 

④High heat-resistant PC material