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Household Electric Appliances
Materials for water purifier
Filter bottle material 1: Polysailong PP6331-C

Material characteristics: high fluidity; high permeability; 

balanced physical and mechanical properties; spin welding.

Material certification: ROHS certification, NSF certification
Product confirmation: customer inspection confirmation report
Filter bottle material 2: Polysailong PP6331
Material characteristics: mineral filling; high strength, high rigidity; in line with food hygiene.
Material certification: ROHS certification, NSF certification
Pump material: PA+GF, PPO+GF, PP+GF

Material characteristics: hydrolysis resistance, low water absorption, dimensional stability,

high rigidity, high compression resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance

Product certification: Comply with "Sanitary Safety Evaluation Specification for Drinking Water 

Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials-GB/T-17219"

Certification requirements (with third-party test report and customer test report); 

meet ROHS and REACH requirements standards (with third-party test report)

Spool material: Poly Sailong PPO 5030, SE8030
Material certification: ROHS, CQC certification