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Electromagnetic shielding material -- stainless steel fiber filling material
2021-06-02 source:Super-Dragon

Electromagnetic shielding refers to the blocking or absorption attenuation of shielding materials to prevent the transmission of electromagnetic waves in a specified area. Electromagnetic shielding materials have developed from metal type and metal surface coating type to intrinsic conductive polymer and filled composite electromagnetic shielding materials.


Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co.,LTD has developed a composite electromagnetic shielding material filled with stainless steel fiber. Compared with metal electromagnetic shielding materials, stainless steel fiber filling materials can reduce the cost by up to 35%, reduce the weight to 70%, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-50%.


Material characteristics: electromagnetic shielding efficiency 50 ~ 65dB; It can be compounded with flame retardant, impact resistance, high modulus and other characteristics.


Material application: electronic and electrical equipment, automotive interior parts


Typical brand:  PC/ABS 3370emi