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General manager Hao Jianxin won the title of "Innovative China·New Entrepreneur"
2019-05-28 source:Super-Dragon

On May 20, the innovation·2018 annual selection and award ceremony with the theme of "looking for innovative models and carrying forward innovative spirit" initiated by Science and Technology Daily China-Science and Technology Network was held in Beijing. Hao Jianxin, general manager of Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd., won the title of the first "innovative China·new entrepreneur", attended the conference and received commendation.


Founded in 1998, Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D, production, sales and technical support services of plastic modification, engineering plastic alloy, functional polymer materials and thermoplastic elastomer. It has all kinds of advanced material R & D equipment and testing instruments, and has strong R & D force and technological innovation ability. Hao Jianxin, general manager, said that Super-Dragon adheres to "independent innovation and intellectual property protection" and strengthens investment in R & D. With the support of the company's technological innovation ability, the company has achieved fruitful technological innovation in recent years.


General manager Hao Jianxin will lead the company's team to innovate continuously, consolidate the position of regional business and technology, serve customers efficiently and maintain stable business growth.