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Nano injection molding material PBT substrate NMT material
2015-06-30 source:Super-Dragon

NMT technology is a one-time molding technology that firmly combines metal and plastic in nano scale. This technology realizes the perfect and strong combination of plastic and metal materials by directly melting and injecting plastic onto the metal surface. It can completely replace the traditional metal plastic bonding, insert injection molding, in mold coating injection, metal riveting and other technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of light, thin, short and small terminal products.


Advantages of NMT materials:

simplification of manufacturing process

reduced working hours

reduced production costs

improved bonding strength

mechanical performance improvement


PBT substrate NMT material:


PBT reinforced by glass fiber has excellent mechanical properties and little difference in shrinkage between glass fiber and metal; Excellent mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, good dimensional stability and small creep; Good chemical resistance, no stress cracking; The natural color is slightly transparent white, which is easy to color.


Typical applications of PBT substrate NMT materials:


Due to its excellent comprehensive performance, nano injection molding materials based on PBT are widely used in mobile phone middle frame, tablet computer, notebook computer, power battery cover and other fields.


Typical brand: PBT1300NMT