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Laser direct molding material - PC substrate high impact and high flame retardant LDS material is widely used in consumer electronics industry
2021-06-01 source:Super-Dragon

Characteristics of LDS laser direct molding materials


The material has the characteristics of high fluidity, high flame retardancy, low temperature impact, excellent electroless plating performance, excellent peel strength, excellent dimensional stability, color diversity and so on.


1. Excellent liquidity. PC with different melt fingers shall be selected. On the premise of ensuring performance, the fluidity shall be adjustable, 10 ~ 30gm / 10min

2. Excellent flame retardancy. UL94V0 /0.6mm

3. Excellent impact resistance. It can ensure that the product still has good impact resistance even at - 30 .

4. Excellent electroplating and peel strength. High efficiency laser activator is used to ensure that the product has excellent electroless plating effect and peel strength.

5. Excellent dimensional stability.


Typical application of PC based high impact and flame retardant LDS materials


LDS materials are mainly used in mobile phone antenna, notebook antenna, Bluetooth headset, automotive electronics, medical devices, intelligent wearable devices, etc.