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Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co.,LTD successfully organized the national standard working group meeting on "PC/ABS special materials for electric vehicle charging pile housing"
2019-05-30 source:Super-Dragon

On May 22, the working group meeting of the national standard polycarbonate / acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC / ABS) special material for electric vehicle charging pile shell drafted under the leadership of Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co.,LTD. was successfully held in Guangzhou. The meeting was hosted by the modified plastics sub Technical Committee of the National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee and hosted by Super-Dragon. The participating experts mainly came from universities, testing institutions, modified plastics enterprises and other relevant units. The meeting fully discussed and discussed the relevant research work, experimental verification and standard draft since the establishment of the standard.


In recent years, with the accelerated development of domestic new energy vehicles and their supporting industries, the market scale of charging piles has also increased by leaps and bounds. The relevant laws and regulations, technical specifications and standard requirements also need to be improved as soon as possible. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of public charging equipment, it is very important to establish reasonable standards and specifications according to the application requirements of charging pile shell materials to promote the further development of national new energy industry. This standard mainly specifies the types, technical indexes, experimental methods, inspection rules, identification, packaging, transportation and storage conditions of non-metallic materials used in the shell of AC charging pile and off-board charger according to the technical characteristics of engineering plastics, actual use requirements of charging pile, use environment and other special requirements.


The formulation and operation of this standard will provide a basis for guiding the equipment manufacturers of electric vehicle charging pile to select materials and establish the standardization of product quality control, so as to improve the market standardization of electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturing in China, and is of great significance to ensure the safety and reliability of electric vehicle charging equipment.